Tuesday 30 August 2011

Rackheath Rebuild Completed

Rackheath Rebuild Completed

Rebuilding on the Rackheath Industrial Estate has now reached completion, following the widespread damage caused by the explosion at the KC Café in January of this year.

Tilia Properties, who own many of the properties on the Estate, have been involved from the outset, clearing debris, ensuring safety of structures and repairing and rebuilding the majority of damaged units. Staff from surrounding companies joined in the massive clear-up operation, which resulted in power supplies being cut, damage to the nearby Target Storage and Stratstan buildings and a total of eight units requiring re-roofing.

Thankfully there were no human casualties in this incident, although it did impact somewhat on the lives of many staff, with a stranded Polish lorry driver being given accommodation in Tilia’s office. Jackie Jones, of Tilia Properties explained, “Many of us had to walk across the fields in wintry conditions to get to work in the morning.”

Tilia rebuilding the damaged units at Rackheath

Tilia director, Nick Hovey, has been involved with the rebuild project throughout, and is pleased to confirm that the work handled by Tilia has been completed, to comply with current safety standards.

Tilia would like to thank all companies and individuals who assisted in the clear-up and reconstruction operations on the estate, and express their appreciation to the emergency services involved.

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