Saturday 24 October 2015

From Hoveton To Leiston

For many years, an historic brake van has been a familiar feature at Tilia’s Hoveton Business Park site, marking its former incarnation as a railway goods yard. However, we’ve decided it’s time that the partially restored carriage should be returned to a railway organisation, where it can be put to good use.

Tilia has much pleasure, therefore, in donating the brake van to the LWR, Leiston Works Railway, a not-for-profit Suffolk based railway preservation society, with the handover scheduled for 31st October. Once the van has been fully restored it will be used to transport visitors to the LWR along the works line.

We will also be allowing the LWR to remove a section of the rails on which the brake van has stood during its time at Hoveton, along with the stop end buffers, which will increase the size of the available staff parking area at the business park.

We’d like to wish the LWR all the best with their restoration project and look forward to hearing progress updates.

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