Friday, 3 May 2013

Too Cold For Concrete!

This year Norfolk, as much of the country, has endured below freezing temperatures and its fair share of ice and snow – not a great scenario for the construction industry.

Tilia’s workforce braved these plummeting temperatures, dipping to a low of -13.1C, to continue the construction of some of our current building projects, including a new build at Snetterton, although obtaining the relevant materials created somewhat of a problem.

For a time, it was impossible to get concrete from any local suppliers, due to frozen water supplies, so work was delayed until a company from Great Yarmouth were able to come to the rescue with a much needed concrete delivery.

The bad weather delayed the Snetterton project by about two and a half weeks, but thanks to the hard work and devotion of the Tilia team, we’ve have been steadily catching up with the work and the project is now back on schedule.

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