Saturday, 29 July 2017

Harvest Is Here!

With the grain harvest now underway there is a demand for well-managed grain storage facilities in Norfolk. At Tilia Grain, we’re pleased to offer 25,000 tonne capacity, well-ventilated storage for malted barley varieties.

Our excellent facility situated on the Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, is easily accessible from the A11 and A47. Equipped with continuous flow grain drier, screening unit and fully equipped laboratory operating to TASCC standards, we’re able to provide efficient and effective grain storage and testing service. Our three intake silos are able to handle over 75 tonnes of intake an hour, enabling us to keep waiting times to a minimum, even during the peak harvest period.

We’re working hard during the harvest period to offer you the best service possible. “From the time your grain arrives at Tilia Grain Store, our care and expertise is assured.” For more information Call us on: 01603 722892 or email:

Here’s wishing everyone a successful harvest 2017!

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