Monday, 24 October 2016

New Homes For Hoveton

At Tilia Properties we’re delighted to have been awarded outline planning permission for development of land to the north of our Hoveton Business Park.

With the current housing shortage, the building of 28 new homes will be a boost to the area, as will the creation of new jobs due to the expansion of neighbouring boat builder Oyster Yachts and the construction of six new employment units. The local community will reap further benefits from the construction of a new junction and improved access from the B1354 Horning Road. As committee chairman Richard Shepherd declared, “I think this is an excellent scheme, housing wise and job wise”.

Oyster Yachts is a long-established, renowned company, currently employing 178 staff on a full-time basis, with plans to create another 308 posts. Their Hoveton site concentrates on the production of smaller yachts from their prestigious range.

At Tilia we believe that the creation of new homes and jobs is vital to the local economy and are pleased to be able to put available land to such good use. As Councillor Sue Arnold proclaimed, “This is derelict land and it will be an improvement for local residents.”

The Tilia Business Park in Hoveton is a well-established site with the scope for expansion with the potential to attract new business to the area and provide much-needed employment.

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