Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Expansion Work For Preva

This year, Tilia has been involved in the implementation of expansion plans for Preva’s potato packing plant at Snetterton Business Park in Norfolk.
One of the tasks undertaken by the team has been the construction of their new cold store units, on a site first marked out last December.

Before construction could begin, the site needed to be cleared and levelled, so that foundations could be set out. During excavation work the team had to dig down into blue clay, although work progressed well.

The next stage involved the installation of the bolt boxes and pouring of the concrete for the foundations. This was followed by the steel erection, which proceeded very smoothly, and the cladding work. To complete the project, Tilia laid the concrete floor with necessary drainage connections and external reinforced concrete work was put in place.

We were extremely satisfied with the finished result – two cold store stores, which were then fitted with chiller units in preparation for this year’s potato crop.

More recently, Tilia have further improved the site by adding additional reinforced concrete to the front of the units, creating an area for the delivery trucks.

It’s been a pleasure to be involved in yet another stage of Preva’s expansion of their acclaimed Snetterton potato packing facility. Tilia Properties are able to provide a wide range of purpose-built business units for lease or purchase across Norfolk and Suffolk.

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