Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Tilia Properties is pleased to announce the recent completion of the Eco and Business Training Centre for Broadland District Council on the Rackheath Industrial Estate.

Tilia has worked in conjunction with several local suppliers and subcontractors to construct the cube-like building, with the emphasis placed on ecological features and practices, in order to reduce running costs and environmental damage.

Walls, flooring and roofing have all been insulated to a high standard in order to minimise heat loss and also limit noise levels, meaning that students in the lower floor classes will not be disturbed by sounds from the floor above. The installation of premium quality triple glazed windows with a U-value of 1 (U Value is the measurement of the rate of heat loss through a material and should be lower than 2 in this instance), further reduce heat loss, lowering fuel bills. Meanwhile, solar photovoltaic panels sited on the roof will efficiently provide low budget heating and hot water to the centre, whilst the inclusion of a rainwater harvesting system serving the toilet facilities will lower water consumption, a key point in view of the current water shortage.

Internally, there is a high standard of finish throughout the training rooms and offices, including installation of a food technology kitchen, a bespoke steel staircase and a lift to the first floor, ensuring the centre is accessible to all.

Tilia prides itself on the finish of this flagship building, which we believe to be a great model for ecological efficient builds of the future. Director Nick Hovey enthuses, “The Cube, as it has been affectionately called, is finished to a high standard throughout and is compliant with all current building regulations whilst featuring many innovative ecological features. The centre is designed to have lower energy costs than similar buildings of the past. It was a pleasure to work with Chris Hill of Broadland District Council, and I would like to thank him for being so appreciative of our hard work and ability to complete the project on time and within budget.”

The new centre is now open on Ramirez Road at the Rackheath Industrial Estate and is running a range of BCTS training courses.

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